Alexander Technique

Westminster Alexander Training Course

Westminster Alexander Centre

8 Hop Gardens, St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4EH


Welcome to the
Westminster Alexander Centre
Teacher Training Course

at the Quaker Meeting House, Covent Garden


Located in the heart of London, with easy access from Leicester Square, Charing Cross and Embankment Stations, the Centre was opened by John Hunter in 1993.

We offer STAT recognised teacher training and a range of options for learning the Alexander Technique: introductory courses, group classes (Intelligent Movement) and one-to-one lessons in our quiet and friendly Central London location. There are also annual residential courses.

We have regular and visiting teachers at the Centre.





"...there are certain key patterns of neural activation which take place by dint of being the paths of least resistance, and there is a micro-window of opportunity to ‘stay mentally fluid’ as stimuli begin to impact, and allow options to appear." 1

John Hunter